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Amazing Seasoning
Our Creole Seasoning is made with love, patience and dedication! We take the time to select all the herbs from our mother land and mix them together to bring you the taste of the Caribbean in a small bottle .
Try our Complete Seasoning All Purpose Caribbean Spices and Our New Concept of Creole inspired from the Haitian Epis Lakay.
rich taste
The Perfect Combination of all the herbs and spices together give our seasoning a unique taste that you will never forget and can't live without. Once you Try it you will love it!
Our Creole Seasoning Recipe! 

Get the Best Creole Seasoning with the Caribbean Flavor in the Market!

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With The Creole Seasonings Your Food will Taste so Good  That Your Friends and Family will ask you if You had become a Cordon Bleu!
We are The Best Creole and Caribbean Seasoning in The Market.
Easy To USe
Our Seasoning is really easy to use, you can add it in all your cooking and create your own recipe.
100% Natural
Our Seasoning are made of Natural Ingredients Such as Natural Herbs and Spices.
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We Ship Via Express Priority Shipping. Delivery in 1 to 3 Business Days Only.
Our signature “Epis Lakay” and  "Creole Seasoning" are available to order online at anytime and no matter where you are.
best in the world
We Have Been in this Business for More than 5 Years with the same passion and the same dedication to galvanize the rich Creole culture across the globe.
THE creole cookbook
Be Part Of The Only Real Creole Cookbook Featuring By Real People like you, Sharing their Recipe with the world.
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